Smart Living e Smart Healthcare


  • Develop and implement technologies for wellness (physical, brain, and mental) promotion programs and health-related lifestyle behaviors in daily living environments (work environment, home, university, school, city)
  • Promote a Psychology and Pedagogy (Education) of Health and Functional Wellbeing to Developing a Motivation for Changing and Maintaining Healthy Behaviors
  • Put the person the center of the wellbeing project
  • Improve people's engagement and ability to reduce and prevent adverse events for their health
  • Development of a LivingLab and HomeLab for smart active aging and healthy living for in-vivo experimentation of Smart Living and Healthcare services and technology solutions
  • Smart Living solutions and technologies coordinated with the "Industry 4.0" program and Human Technopole



  • Transmission / sharing / integration of systems for the treatment of clinical data for primary / secondary / tertiary care, families, patients, service providers
  • Knowledge extraction
  • Supporting decisions systems for service providers, call centers, family and patients
  • Data mining and modeling expert systems
  • Telemedicine systems, devices and services
  • Web Services for Patients and Families
  • Sensors for the monitoring of ionizing electromagnetic radiation
  • Robots for assistance and rehabilitation
  • Adjustable sensors and / or devices for monitoring and selection
  • Systems and / or Devices and / or Services for Fast Diagnostics


Università degli Studi di Begamo: Angelo Compare:;

STmicroeletronics: Cosimo Musca:;

HTN-3Caravelle: Maurizio Nardi:;

Techinova: Riccardo Roggeri:;