ClusterSCC Services are:

  • Assessment:

The Cluster will act as a concentrator / classifier element of the existing one with respect to the founder complex. Service: Mapping of emerging industries and technologies. Possible need for support in analyzing and detecting gap between organizational (on existing) and cultural (on skills). Service: Detecting the readiness of affiliated companies with respect to opportunities that will be created (collaborations, business or research opportunities, call for proposals, other)

  • Strategic support

In a rapidly changing environment, we need to provide tools and methods for analyzing the environment, identifying threats / opportunities, working out foresight, taking opportunities and tackling change. Services: Analysis of the needs of enterprises in the optics of traditional industries and emerging industries, Technological foresight tools, Strategic analysis tools for the potential for niche markets.

  • Networking
  • Promotion

Increasing interdependence in the behavior of demand and the supply of products and services specifically for Smart Cities & Communities technologies.
Necessity to effectively manage network building and opportunity management. Services: Lobbying and Institutional Relations, Tools and initiatives to enhance the attractiveness of affiliated companies with regard to access to private capital, Marketing and Public Relationships, Organization of Events, Networking, Practice Communities, Matchmaking, Public Web Portal Management and Sections reserved for associates.

  • Research and Development

The high dynamics of the hi-tech sector, social dynamics that introduce new ways of using technology and the complexity of ever-tighter regulatory systems increase both the complexity of reading opportunities and the search for economic resources for research and experimentation. Services: Information, dissemination and accompaniment to R & D funding programs with the integration of the production and research system, Endorsement, Identification and signalization of development barriers (eg standard), Support for infrastructure / plant / large pilot equipment testing, Supplier catalog Qualified financial and accounting services, Enabling regional, national and European ropes to respond more effectively to calls.

  • Competence Development

New areas of innovation offered by technology and new models of profitability offered by the evolution of the dynamics of economic and social systems require continuous, targeted and contextual training. Services: Promoting culture and knowledge of Open Innovation tools, Facilitating access to knowledge transfer networks, Qualified training providers catalog.