Mobilità Intelligente e Sostenibile


  •  Properly addressing local mobility policies, especially in emergencies, as a result of the citizen's "habits" analysis;
  • Improve the accessibility and accessibility of urban centers, with particular attention to weak users and dynamic traffic flow planning and management, with particular attention to road safety.
  • Optimization of existing infrastructures, with particular attention to booking and payment management, even integrated, of mobility services;
  • Optimization of transport systems, especially those employing innovative electric vehicles;
  • Methods for collecting and managing mobility data with open platforms.


  • Decision support systems using open-date data platforms in Real-time;
  • Integration of booking and payment systems for mobility services with innovative technologies;
  • Power supply equipment (charging stations, energy storage systems, induction charging systems, etc.);
  • City Logistics, with innovative transport solutions to protect the environmental sustainability of urban centers;
  • Mobility protocols in urban / metropolitan environment in an emergency, using innovative technologies.


Università degli Studi di Brescia: Giulio Maternini:;

Italdata spa: Eleonora Fratesi: