Infrastrutture, Reti e Costruzioni Intelligenti


  • Develop within the cluster a specific design capability for Intelligent Networking and Construction Infrastructure (IRCE) for SCC, involving the Associates concerned and encouraging the adherence of new subjects
  • Focus regional and local attention on the role and importance of IRCE for SCCs
  • Promote Policy Makers, Institutions and Operators TLC to define policies for a coordinated development of IRCE in SCC optics
  • Place the Cluster as an institutional referral interlocutor on the IRCE theme
  • Develop best practices addressed to a flagship project related to IRCE for SCC


  • Evolutions GPON, G.Fast and fiber / copper technologies, optical network access networks
  • 4G, 4.5G, 5G
  • NFV / SDN
  • LPWA Technologies
  • Systems and technologies for the implementation of low environmental impact infrastructures (minitrincea, no-dig)
  • IOT Management Platforms
  • Data Analytics and Big Data


Università degli Studi di Brescia: Alessandra Flammini:
Sirti spa: Luciano Gavi:

Nokia: Franco Micoli: