Il Progetto S3-4AlpClusters

The S3-4AlpClusters project aims to implement the intelligence strategy (S3) through clusters, in order to reach a critical mass that enables sustainable and inclusive growth. The goal of S3-4AlpClusters is to improve the conditions of innovation-induced clusters and small and medium-sized businesses, thus creating a new occupation. The challenge is therefore to apply to the S3 Intelligence Specialization Strategy, the lever of Cohesion Policy Of the EU, through clusters to achieve sustainable growth of the regional territories.

To achieve these goals, the project is divided into stages to better understand S3 policies throughout the duration of stress tests to reach a joint action plan for the transnational group; We then proceed to analyze existing cluster-level practices to outline a model for S3 innovation based clusters; Finally, we will test and validate new management services for clusters and businesses based on the results of the previous phases.

These steps, important for achieving the overall project goal, will be accompanied by communication and dissemination of project results.

In the light of these activities, the main results of the project will be the definition of a common transnational action plan; Analyzing the current situation of the various regions involved and their convergence in defining their programs; To create and test an S3-based innovation model that suits the various regional contexts focused on the strategic role of clusters through innovative business management and service models, thus enhancing the context of reference innovation.

The project has a duration of 30 months (from 1 November 2016 to 30 April 2019) and with a total budget of € 2,521,964, including € 1,929,500 of ERDF.

To celebrate the successful completion of period 1 of our project, we would like to close the communication activities of this period on a humorous note by sharing with you the historical fun fact of the day (you will find it in attachment).