How to join to ClusterSCC


Why Join the Cluster?

It promotes the development and sustainable growth of its members at national and international level.
It supports an accompanying path based on an innovative knowledge system that identifies and supports the potential of individuals and aggregates.
It promotes all possible convergences of the various technologies developed and a strong focus on cross-fertilization of skills.
It facilitates experimental projects that carry out interventions that are of real interest both for the Region, for the Lombard public administrations and for the regional industrial fabric and which bring returns in the areas of expertise both at regional and national level and internationally.

Information relating to the accession procedure:

1. Membership shall be formalized, upon receipt by the letter of intent signed (attached at the bottom of the page) accompanied by the petitioner's identity document, in the first useful address of the Cluster Foundation in which the membership is to be resolved; no other signatures required by the notary.

2. Once you have signed up, you must sign up for the Questio regional system (

3. Other documentation required at the time of accession: the logo, the link to the company website, the Ateco Code and the number and date of registration of the Company Register, the request for inclusion in the thematic groups of interest and the names of the people who will be present .