Efficientamento Energetico e Sostenibilità Ambientale


  • Improve the energy efficiency of cities and communities
  • Improve the environmental sustainability of cities and communities
  • Promote smart and rational use of resources
  • Make measurable energy efficiency and environmental sustainability
  • Contributing to the redefinition of the value chain of the energy system
  • Reduce the economic and environmental impact of energy systems on the spending of public and private entities
  • Expand the capacity to support regional, national and international research and innovation initiatives and programs


  • Models of analysis, simulation, prediction with statistical methods and with machine learning techniques and AI
  • Measuring and monitoring systems for energy consumption, environmental quantities, waste, ...
  • Geographic information, GIS science, geostatistics, 3D city models, dome and air thermography, multispectral / hyperspectral drone / plane / satellite analysis
  • ICT Platforms and Solutions to Support Monitoring and Implementation Systems
  • Platforms and solutions for energy management of buildings
  • Demand-Response Energy Platforms and Solutions
  • Platforms and solutions for public lighting management
  • Disposal platforms and solutions
  • Plants and solutions for water management


Università degli Studi di Pavia: Vittorio Casella: vittorio.casella@unipv.it

Italtel: Luca Ferraris: luca.ferraris@italtel.com